Assumptions Abortion Advocates Make -
This is an article from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform:

Choice. It is a great slogan to use for marketing or for politics because everyone supports having one. No one wants to be accused of being anti-choice.

It’s no surprise, then, that to justify legal abortion, abortion advocates have used the word as their mantra. They argue that abortion is a personal decision that women make about their bodies, and that we should not take away that choice. Yet when examining these arguments, it’s clear that they’ve made important assumptions that need to be explained.

For example, it’s undeniable that everyone is pro-choice and anti-choice—depending on what is being chosen. We can generally be pro-choice about what beverage people drink, but anti-choice about drinking alcohol and then driving. Not only are we anti-choice about drinking and driving, we expect the law to force this anti-choice belief on everyone in society.

In the same way, we can all agree that abortion is a choice, but why assume that this justifies legal abortion? Don’t we need to know what kind of choice it is first before we support it?

Now abortion advocates may say abortion deals with a personal decision a woman makes about her body, and therefore it should be a private choice. But laws already limit what we can choose to do with our bodies, especially if what we do hurts someone else’s body. This is why you won’t be arrested for having an intoxicated body when you’re home alone, but you will be arrested if you use your intoxicated body to drive—because in doing so you could hurt someone else’s body.

And so, abortion advocates need to prove the unborn child is part of the woman’s body and not simply assume it. After all, if the unborn are separate human beings just like us— and biology says they are—then a pregnant woman may control her own body only to the extent that she doesn’t hurt that child’s body.

We just don’t have unlimited rights to do anything with our bodies that we want. Consider that even a woman (or man) can’t choose to have sex with whoever they want: In 2007, a Toronto man successfully sued his estranged wife because she had sex with him without telling him she was HIV positive. The woman was convicted of assault for making a choice that hurt someone else’s body.

Pro-lifers need to make abortion advocates provide good reasons for their arguments and not just make rash assumptions.
3/14/2011 00:47:43

So if a girl gets raped, she should have to keep the child? Or if a doctor says that having a baby could be detrimental to the woman's health, she should still have it? Please let woman have control over their own bodies; most choose life anyways. And just in case you are pro-life for religious reasons, God killed a ton of babies, just read the OT.

3/14/2011 02:29:41

Your comment is very general and does not address anything in this post. Did you just want to rant about the only thing you could think of?

But, to answer your questions I suggest you read the posts below. I think they will give you an insight into cases of rape & maternal health.

I find the typical pro-choice reliance on the rape/maternal health argument to be a "first resort" response; as if there are no other reasons to be pro-choice. Would you care to explain to me how these cases take preference over all the other reasons women have abortion?

In fact, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, released a study of the most common reasons women have abortions. Do you know what percentage of abortions were because of rape, incest, and maternal health concerns? ONLY 7%. 1% was because of rape & incest, and 6% was because of maternal health reasons. Now I don't mean to undermine that 7%, but do you care to explain why you focus so much on that 7% to keep abortion legal rather than focusing on the other 93% of abortions to make your case?

By the way, there was no mention of religion in this posting, so why bring it into the conversation? If you're here to stir things up, please do it by sticking to the context of this post. If you wish to bring religion into this discussion, then you shouldn't be offended by other pro-lifers who do the same.

8/2/2012 04:10:43

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