Welfare vs. Abortion Funding -
Pro-Choice Argument:
"I’d rather pay $300 for a welfare mom’s abortion than thousands to raise her kid."

Pro-Life Answer:
Few issues speak more clearly about the immorality of the pro-choice mentality than the argument that abortion should be used to save us tax money. To put this mentality into perspective imagine that the two-year-old daughter of a family on welfare fell into an abandoned well. Authorities calculate that since a funeral is cheaper than a rescue, and since this little girl might be on welfare for the rest of her life, the financially sound thing to do is just flood the well with water. Once the child floats to the top, the coroner can scoop up her body, have it buried, and the taxpayers will have saved a bundle. That is obviously a monstrous idea, but it is no more so than telling poor women that if they will kill their children to save us money, we’ll pay the killer.

Now if America is serious about having a social policy based on the philosophy that it’s cheaper to execute a child than support one, then we should start encouraging families on welfare to not only kill their unborn children, but their born children as well. Remember, the guiding principle here is not morality but saving money. If we are willing to ignore the biological fact that their unborn children are living human beings, why should we care that their born children are living human beings?
miss openminded
2/16/2011 17:07:11

...so typical of conservatives to be close minded and only view this from one angle.

3/8/2011 16:08:47

The difference with the girl in the well is that she's developed self-awareness, emotions, and social relations. The rational conclusion of the anti-abortion guy's reasoning is that we should make sure that no sperm is wasted and no woman have a period, because these 2 cells are living human cells, and together constitute a human being.

3/14/2011 02:46:45

@miss openminded Why do you assume only conservatives believe this? I, personally, agree with this post although I am an Independent voter and hold many liberal beliefs. Do you care to share the other "angle"?

@Eddy If we replaced the "two year old daughter" with say..."a newborn baby girl" what difference does it make? According to you, their age and level of development makes them more or less of a person. I fail to agree with that logic. You and I may be different ages and of higher or lower levels of intelligence, but I do not believe that we are not equally deserving of personhood because one of us may be more "self-aware" or have higher developed levels of "emotions and social relations".

Thank you for calling the anti-abortion guy's reasoning a "rational conclusion". While you probably misspoke, I wouldn't even agree with that. Sure, all our cells are living in the sense that they must function together and if they all die - we die. Essentially we're a large clump of cells. Biology tells us that if a man's spermatozoon fuses with a woman's egg cells during fertilization that a new human being will form. Until this happens, there is no human being, but instead just two cells which begin their life and end their life on their own cycle; just as all of our other cells do.

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They will kill their children to save us money, we’ll pay the killer.


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How insane can people be? Why don’t they just understand simple facts? An unborn child is very much the same as a born child. You actually don’t know whether the child can grow up to become a known personality.

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