"I am pro-life, but I can't force my morality on others" -
This is a recent post by Bryan Kemper, founder of Stand True Ministries and creator of the Silent Day of Solidarity event.

Tough Questions - I Am Pro-life But I Can't Force My Morality On Anyone Else?

This is an argument I get so often from people who don't want to take a stand against abortion or get involved with pro-life work. They always say that other people don't believe that abortion is killing a human so we can't force "our morality" on them. Just because we are pro-life does not mean we should tell someone who is not pro-life they should not have an abortion.

I will be honest; this to me is really just a cop-out, an excuse for people to not take a stand or get involved. The fact is, abortion is the taking of a human being's life and whether someone refuses to see the truth does not change a clear fact. Just because you say that you don't believe something that is true does not make it untrue.

Let's look at a few instances in law where people's disagreement with a truth does not make a difference in the law at all:

1. NAMBLA, an organization who believes that it is morally ok for grown men to sleep with young boys. Yes, this is a real organization who really believes the rest of the world is "pushing their morality" on them by enforcing child molestation laws on them. Should we change the law to allow these perverse men to have sexual relations with young boys just because they believe it is ok? Of course not.

2. Civil Rights Laws, there are still those who think minorities should be segregated and treated as less then human. The whole Civil Rights Movement was forcing a morality on America that needed to be forced. it was imperative that we, as a nation, stood against those who would treat any human person as less than human and establish personhood rights for every single human person.

3. Women's Suffrage, there are still those who believe that women should not have the right to vote... I think you get the point.

The fact is, we, as a nation, have a duty to pass laws and protect people from in-human treatment whether or not someone disagrees or not. We, as fellow humans, have a duty to stand up for any fellow human person when he or she is being oppressed, dehumanized or killed by the thousands every day.

Morality is forced on people every day and that is not a bad thing. We force our morality on criminals when they commit crimes, we force our morality on bar owners when we tell them they can't allow smoking in their establishments. The fact is that almost all laws are forcing some form of morality on someone.

I understand that some people think that life does not begin at fertilization, but that does not change the fact that it does. The moment the sperm and egg are united, a unique human person is formed and has the right to full protection as a human person. When that child is "terminated" or "aborted", that is an act of homicide.

1. the killing of one human being by another.
2. a person who kills another; murderer.

So back to the question at hand - I Am Pro-life But I Can't Force My Morality On Anyone Else?

Yes. In fact, you have a moral and biblical obligation to take a stand and love your neighbor as your self. ( Luke 10:27 ) If you know that your neighbor ( fellow human person) is being killed by the thousands every day, you must stand up and be a voice for them.

For Christ I stand,
Bryan Kemper - bryankemper@standtrue.com
9/24/2009 13:38:28

I love it!

I personally think the most convincing reply to that is about existence. Is reality real or is it only perceived? If it is only perceived, then of course there is no real morality and anyone can do anything they please. If, however, existence is objective, then there are laws that nature itself follows. Operating outside these laws is, then, an opposition of existence itself and is wrong. According to the natural law, we are given a right to our life. No one can take this away, as it would be a denial of our right to exist. Therefore, abortion is wrong.

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First, it is nonsense to suggest that the law never tells people what they can or cannot do with their bodies. In fact, there are many things which people are not legally allowed to do with their bodies. To name just a few, they cannot sell them for sex, or sell their organs to people who need transplants, or put certain drugs into their bodies.

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