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Pro-choice argument: "It's just a blob of tissue, like a clump of cells; you're not killing anything".

This is an argument that has picked up much support from pro-choice people and mislead many of others into believing that what grows inside the uterus is in fact not human.
We can all agree through scientific evidence that cells are the building blocks of all humans, plants, and living beings. A "clump" of specialized cells forms specialized tissue such as muscle, skin, or bone. In turn, groups of different tissue types arrange to form our organs.
Classifying a fetus, embryo, or zygote as just a "blob of tissue" or a "clump of cells" fails to completely explain the development of the child at these stages. At every stage of development in our life cells and tissue are present.
Let me explain the false reasoning in this argument.
1. We are all, in simple terms, a clump of cells and a blob of tissue. The only difference between our cells now and our cells as a fetus is the number of cells that make up our body. Our cells will constantly multiply, starting at our earliest stage as a single celled zygote.
2. It is impossible to abort a "clump of cells".  Think about this logically. Does the abortionist use a microscope to find these cells, and if found what does this clump look like? For the abortion to occur, the abortionist must first be able to find the embryo or fetus on the ultrasound. To abort a "clump of cells" or "blob of tissue" would be to abort a living human being. We must remember that if a "clump of cells" or "blob of tissue" is not living, than neither are we.


Pro Choice argument: "I know several women who have had abortions and they don't regret it at all".

Adolf Eichmann went to his execution saying he did not regret his participation in the Nazi holocaust. That does not make what he did defensible. Lack of regret relates to the conscience of the person acting, not to the rightness of the act. Many people do not regret their actions, but whether they do or not is irrelevant.

Now if we really want to see what role regret plays in the abortion issue, let’s survey women who dealt with unplanned pregnancies in their past. Let’s ask those who aborted if they now wish that they had given birth, and ask those who gave birth if they now wish they had aborted. What we will find is that for every woman who says she regrets giving life to her child, thousands will say they regret killing theirs.This is evident in the thousands of support groups across America to help women overcome the emotional train wreck of abortion. Interestingly enough, no one has found it necessary to start even one support group to help women deal with the emotional toll of letting their children live.

If regret was needed to establish wrong doing, our legal system would be ineffective.